External links to many great places

On these following pages, you'll find links galore to only so many great sites for comics and other interesting places across the web. This is something that every website should have, and I, like many others who keep an eye out for the great places, do my best to keep them as up to date as possible. Who am I to break with tradition, baby?

Columnist, news and review sites



Recipe and Food sites

Worldwide News & Views

History Sites

Stores and Distributors

Fanfiction Pages

And yes, whenever I discover that a link is out of date, or inaccurate, I'll either purge it or I'll update it. Yep, it happens. Websites change their locations and addresses/domains, or they can close down and expire. And there are even new ones that get launched all the time too! And not to worry, I've been able to find some good ones that I'll try to provide a link to whenever they're available.
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