Dynamite Entertainment They publish mostly stories based on licensed concepts like Conan and Red Sonja, as well as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Alterna Comics This company publishes creator-owned miniseries foremost, including Lilith Dark and Mr. Crypt, among others.

Dark Horse Comics One of the first indie comic publishers in the USA, they've also published and distributed manga at times.

Image comics

Special affiliates of Image

Top Cow Their products and properties include Cyberforce, Velocity, Witchblade, Magdalena, Artifacts, among other fantasy-themed series.

Age of Bronze




IDW Publishing They currently publish the GI Joe comics and even some Star Trek comics.

NBM Publishing The company that puts out some of the best in independent comic book literature.

Bench Comics An online site that specializes in online comics.

Crusade Fine Arts Owned by Billy Tucci, author of Shi.

Oni Press

Moonstone Books White Wolf comics are available here.

Rothic Comics

Drawn and Quarterly

Valiant Entertainment

Ichijinsha Manga publisher in Japan.

Viz Media Manga publisher in the US.

Tokyo Pop

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