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There are only so many interesting things about comics that can be fun to know about for one reason or another. And on this menu are more than a few catagories to enjoy for how great or silly or just plain entertaining they are for the most part. So take a look around at what's available here, for features that range from great stuff I've read in past years of my reading comics to silly costumes that are silly for the wrong reasons to retcons that are either good, okay either way, or just plain bad. It's quite a variety of ideas that I'm writing up here, that can be interesting for all these different reasons, and the main reason I'm putting them here is for you to enjoy, everybody!

My Best Moments in Comics

In this spot, you'll find write-ups for some of my favorite stories and issues of comic books I've read since my childhood, and that were recommended for all times and for all ages.

My Worst Moments in Comics

In this spot, this is where you'll find whatever came across to me as a big waste of time, and which should be tossed into the depths of oblivion, but should also be told about for the most part so that you'll know why.

Silly Code Names

Some character namings can be great, but some can be just plain silly and stupid. And here's my list of anything that I consider to be worthy of that catagory.

Silly Costumes and Other Accessories

Well not just costumes, it can also include ridiculous hairstyles and the like. So go and have a good laugh at some of the examples I've provided in here, if you please.

Noteworthy Phrases

Some great acronyms, abbreviations, and other nicknames and terms that come from a lot of places around the world.

Great Quotes and Super Bloopers

And not just from comics, but from many great people around the world, in newspapers, entertainment, and so on. And you'll also find plenty of goof-offs seen around the word baloons and such in the yesteryear too! Click on either of the links above to check out what's in store, and I always do my best to provide plenty.


There are times in comics when things like retcons and stuff like that can be done. It can be either a good, an okay, or an utterly bad thing. Sometimes these are also known as times when everything you know about a character, a story, a period in history, is not what you thought it was at first, or is mistaken, to say the least. And here is the place where you'll find some examples of what is either good, so-so, or just plain awful. For this reason, I've put together three different catagories of my considerations for all of these examples, according to how I view them. Click on the link above to learn more details on what retcons are such are for starters, and where the phrase "retcon" first came from, and on any of the three links below to see what's in store.

It's so great it's wonderful! It's either way or in-between! It's truly awful!

Cancelled Comics Commentary

This is where I write up my thoughts on various comics that have been cancelled over the years. The list dates back to 1995, with the discontinued titles being spoken about on either the month that the last issue came out, or, around the time that the cancellation was announced. Sometimes it's bad that it ended, sometimes it's good, but either way, it can be a lot of fun to talk about all or any of these cancelled books, both mainstream and independent.

History of Comics and Manga/Anime

And, for those interested in some history of how comics from a few places across the world came to be, here's a special history item I wrote, where I talk about comics from the US, and also from Europe and Asia.

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