History Sites

The Classic Comic Reading Room Featuring scans et cetera of various Silver Age comics.

Women in Refrigerators This is a site formed for discussing the mistreatment of women in comics.

Thirty-Two Pages of Love This blog deals mostly with the history of romance comics, a rarity in today's industry.

The Golden Age

Suspension of Disbelief

Nad's Pad The place to find many great comic book quotes.

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements What this site talks about is how various elements, chemicals, even magical ones to be sure, were used throughout the history of comics, and where, how and when.

Jesse Nevins' Comic Book Annotations There's plenty of stuff that's annotated here, including quotes from comics too.

Toonopedia Don Markstein's index of several dozen comics and cartoon characters.

The Comics Archives Compiles plenty of information on Golden and Silver Age DC.

Cool French Comics Info on all sorts of sci-fi, western and fantasy stories from across the Atlantic.

Anime Science 101

Marvel Chronology Project An attempt to catalog every way in which various Marvel characters have made their appearances over the years, in chronological order.

Tom Morrow's DC Universe Who's Who Where to find profiles on various DC characters.

Marvel Appendix Just the place to find obscure characters in the MCU as well as those who are more well known.

Will Eisner Eisner was the famous author of The Spirit comic strip (also written in comic book format a few times too), and the writer and artist of several other comics as well (such as Sheena). This site is dedicated to his memory.

Nick Cardy The fansite for the artist of Teen Titans, Flash, and several other books from DC.

DC Timeline

Diversions of the Groovy Kind

Dave's Long Box

Anime History Writes about the history of the anime industry.

Snark Free Happy Joy Comic Blog History essays on comics.

Four Realities Another history essay blog.

Puzzle Paradise This is a site I created that features various computer puzzle games, including but not limited to famous ones like Tetris!

Study of Marvel's Mighty Thor vs. Norse Myth About the inspirations for the Thunder God and the rest of Asgard drawn from Norse mythology.

Cartoon Research A history site for animation run by historian Jerry Beck.

Roketto Panichii Some commentary on old Japanese mecha anime.

Little Anime Blog

Retro Gamer

Gaming After 40

Suburban Killbot

Jewish History Sites

The History of the Jewish People Eli Birenbaum's history site, covering Jewish history from the beginning till now.

Bible History Online Images and resources for Biblical history.

Jewish Virtual Library

ILMuseums.Com For Israeli museum locations.

Center for Jewish History

National Museum for American Jewish History Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gems in Israel Tourist company for many of Israel's famous sites.

Jewish American History on the web

Bible Places Featuring photographs from many places around Israel.

Emet m'Tsiyon Weblog for ancient and medieval Jewish history and poems of longing for Zion.

Israel Images Israel's picture gallery.

Bible Topics

Internet Jewish History Sourcebook

AISH.Com Jewish history, holidays, and what it means to be Jewish.

Jewish Culture and History Part of Dave Dickerson's homepage on Jewish topics.

Palestine Post-ings "Palestine" is a name the Romans gave to the Land of Israel for political purposes, following their use of "Judea" as a name for the country, but it was also what the Jerusalem Post used to call itself when it first began, before becoming the JPost by the 1950s. This history blog features essays based on old articles from the newspaper's archives.

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