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Anime News Network The biggest database on the web dedicated to info about Japanimation and manga publications.

The Comics of Rhodey

Sequential Tart

The Comic Queen


Polite Dissent

The Real Gentlemen of Leisure

Anime Troop

Spoilt! If you want to know what the synopsis for a current item is, this looks like the exact place to go. And why do they offer what are usually known as "spoilers"? Well, as they explain here, it's because they disagree with the growing emphasis on superhero "universes" and event-driven writing and marketing, because comics are too expensive to buy just because the publishers of a crossover tell you that you should, because it costs too much to follow characters you love through ten titles a month, and, because a good comic is still a good read even if you know what happens. Makes sense.

Conservative Comic Book Pundit

Bookshelf Comics

Howling Curmudgeons

The Comics Continuum

Comic Widows

Monitor Duty From the folks who ran Fanzing, a DC comics fansite, this is a mostly a blog.


Comics Ate My Brain

Cinescape One of the leading movie magazines in the US, and also one of the leading comic book sites as well.

Random Curiosity

Tales to Mildly Astonish

Dial B for Blog

The Low Road

Anime Nation

Comics.Com Just where you go in order to find daily comic strips.

The Johnny Bacardi Show

Digital Webbing

Gravity Well Another site that talks mostly about conventions.

Dry Bones On this site, you'll find some good cartoons by Jacob Kirshen, who works for the Jerusalem Post, with Shuldig, Doobie the Dog and company. Or, go to this site, which is even bigger, and better. Or, better still, go to The Dry Bones Blog.

Cinema Capsule Cavalcade This is a small movie related website created by - me! And I do my best to maintain it as best as possible.

Fanboy Radio


Grand Comics Database Call it the IMDB of comic books.

Comic Book Database This is almost similar to the above, where you can look up a lot of info on writers, artists, publishers, covers, et cetera.

Comics 'N Stuff

World Famous Comics

Cheese Comics This is an online gallery for artwork that mostly features original fan art by comic book fans.

The Big Comic Book Database

Comics Worth Reading

Precocious Curmudgeon


A Site Called Fred

Pretty Fakes

Completely Futile

Worlds Within Worlds

Starlog They've been a notable sci-fi and fantasy magazine for close to 3 decades (since 1976), though they have written about other genres of entertainment as well.

My Otaku World

Underground Online This is an entertainment site that the Slush Factory's website is now part of.

About.Com's Comic Book Section

IGN Comics

Yet Another Comics Blog

Comic Book Heaven

The New Comic Book Releases List Web Site

The Ninth Art

Comics Should be Good

Olamot Website for Israeli sci-fi conventions.

Pop Culture Wake-Up Call

The Comics Review Canadian comics review site.

Tokyo Otaku Mode


Fortress of Soliloquy

Comic Book Marathon

The Hurting Battling to put a stop to it.

Thought Balloons

Incomplete Thoughts

Giant Boogers from Outer Space

Comic Reviews Weblog for...just that.

Reading Along

Cornwell's Daily Review

The Comics Waiting Room

Pop Culture Gadabout

University Comics and Books

Swim Suit Models The perfect place to find hotties!

The Most Beautiful Women There too.

The Lithium Age

Cox and Forkum Political cartoons.

Graphic Novel Reporter This is where special news on what might also be called trade paperbacks can be found.

Sententia 3.0

The Flying Inn


The Zealot's Lore

Listen to Us, We're Right

The Word on the Street

House of the Ded

Brian Hogg

Comics TV Blah Blah Blah Discussing both comics and television shows.

The Forager Blog

Dance of the Puppets

Republic of Replicants

Trusty Plinko Stick

Fun Ideas Mark Arnold is a comics and animation historian, a professional on film and video production, and a blogger. He also specializes in sales, promotion, and marketing research, and is an expert on computer programming too.


Board Game Geek All about board games, including Monopoly!

Gone Gaming Where everybody likes to focus on board and card games.

Board Game Central All about those wonderfully time-consuming board games.

Board Game News

Game Trailers

San Antonio Board Gamers

Wrong Every Time This is an anime commentary blog with a very absurd name, but it does have plenty of interesting stuff.

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

USA Anime

The Vanishing Trooper Incident

Otaku Fantasy

Ogiue Maniax Both manga and anime are reviewed on this site.

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