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In this section, you'll find some links to some more sites of interest like news, media dishonesty/bias monitoring, and even sports.

Israel Behind the News This is a site where you find research not usually seen in most standard printed media. Sites like these are some of the best.

One Israel Fund Keeping our heritage alive and well in Israel.

Azure This is a quarterly magazine on Jewish affairs.

Chabad.Org Also known as the Lubavicher movement.


Rabbi Sprecher

Orange Humanist

Jabotinsky The memorial site for one of the Jewish nation's most famous and respected teachers of thought.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center

Jerusalem Diaries Website of the award-winning Jerusalem reporter Judy Lash-Balint. Also, check out her weblog of the same name.

The Israel Reporter Providing facts from Israel, and offering you the opportunity to draw the conclusions.

Yehuda Lave

Orthodox Union Gateway to the Jewish internet. Torah, Jerusalem, Israel, Kosher, etc.

Kosher.Com Where Kosher food can be found.

Women in Green Women's Zionist Activist group.

The Martin Luther King Center

Anti-Slavery Today's fight for tomorrow's freedom.

Yesha Council Representing the Jewish communities of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

Melanie Phillips Award winning British journalist and women's rights activist.

Small Town Veteran Life in the small cities.

The Colossus of Rhodey

Mark My Words

Pamela Geller

Basil's Blog

The Cassandra Page Doing their best to get the truth out there, and make Cassandra proud.

Betsy's Page

The Fiftieth Star Blogging from Hawaii.


Rocky Mountain Neo-Con A conservative blogger from Colorado.

The Last Amazon

Six Meat Buffet Serving you some great meat on the grill, comin' right up!

Searching for Bright Light

Flopping Aces

Mark in Mexico An American-born English teacher working central Mexico lets you know what it's really like over there.

Grizzly Mama Homeschooling mother from Philadelphia.

J Rob's House of Opinions And there's plenty of them!

Booker Rising

Patterico's Pontifications

Jammie Wearing Fool

Error Theory

Rosemary's News and Ideas

The Florida Masochist

The Other McCain

Doug Ross @ Journal

Legal Insurrection

Common Cents

Rightwing Guy

Ariel Center for Policy Research

Yad Vashem Israel's Holocaust Memorial Center.

Dhimmitude.Org Bat Yeor's website on the status of "Dhimmis", in Arab lands.

Phyllis Chesler Women's rights supporter, and author of The New Anti-Semitism.

Our Greater Purpose Personal thoughts on current events, Israel, Judaism and life from a Jewish perspective.

Jewish Current Issues Articles, essays, books and comments relating to current Jewish issues.

Yeranen Yaakov

Ralph the Sacred River Observations on (mostly ancient) culture, religion, etc.

Jerusalem Revealed

Greetings From the French Hill

Our Israel

Galilee Blog From Barry Freedman, a writer for the Long Island Jewish Star.

The Lion of Judah

Battalion of Deborah

Zion Report

A Simple Jew

Ha-Mikdash All about the great Jerusalem Temple.

Barefoot Jewess Wading through a sea of Torah and Jewishness. See also Barefoot Jewessa, which is like a tour site of various sites in Israel.

Pearlies of Wisdom Well, to be exact, pearls of wisdom, that's for sure.


The Jewish Worker Thoughts on the Torah, working and living in Israel, and how they all go together.

The Jewish Connection Discovering what every Jew shares in common.

Mozeman's Blues

Orthomom Commentary from an Orthodox mom.

Jewish + Eighteen = Problems


Adventures in Jerusalem

The Macintosh Biblioblog Biblical scholarship studies.

A Blog for Zion "Your Average Zionist Blog."

Elder of Zion

If you will it... Weblog of an immigrant writing about his experiences.

Mystical Paths Discussing Kabbalah (Jewish mystical tradition), and also world affairs.

Israel Perspectives: Feeling "right" at Home Commentary by a native New Yorker.

Biur Chametz Weblog on the Jewish world.

PaleoJudaica On ancient Judaism and its context.

Jewish Burst

Galilee This From all the way up there in the Galilee, a blogger who lives in that area.

The Loop

Point of Pinchas Viewpoints from an immigrant to Israel from the US.

Peace in Your Gates Weblog in both English and Hebrew.

Outside the Blogway


IsreallyCool.Com Israeli weblog from an Australian immigrant.

The Michael Medved Show The website of one of America's boldest movie critics and world affairs commentators.

Israel National News/Arutz Sheva

NGO Monitor

Volunteers for Israel

Israel Hasbara Committee

The Road to Euro-serfdom All via the internet.

France-Echos A patriot blog from France.

The American Expatriate The thoughts and opinions of a Syracuse, NY native who moved to Britain, where he's been living for many years now.

Justify This!

EU Referendum Supporting Europe's silent majority.

The Religious Policeman

Noticias de Eurabia News from Spain.

Drinking from Home

House of Dumb

USS Neverdock Looking for the truth in a sea of deceit.

UK Commentators

Ambush Predator

Tundra Tabloids Views from Finland.

The Jewish Museum NY's Jewish Museum.

Debbie Schlussel

The American Spectator The best conservative monthly magazine.

The Weekly Standard The best conservative weekly magazine.

Jewish World Review

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

Commentary Monthly magazine that's been around since 1945.

The Jewish Magazine

Zionist Organazation of America

My Jewish Learning On Jewish life and exploration.

Hadassah: The Women's Zionist Orginization of America

Etzel Museum

Daniel Pipes

Archaeology.Org Prominent archaeology magazine.

Victims of Arab Terror


The Media Line

Steimatzky Israel's premier bookstore chain.

Think Israel

National Review Online

The Wall Street Journal


One Family Fund Providing direct legal and financial assistance to victims of terror.

Move America Forward

Town Hall

DeProgram Program Israeli radio station.

Avi Lipkin

Steven Plaut

ICJS Research An Australian media research center that focuses on their version of the ABC news, which is pretty crummy, to say the obvious.

Rush Limbaugh

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Bendor Associates Public relations firm based in New York and Washington specializing in political matters, anti-terrorism, defense of human rights and freedom of religion, among other subjects.



Flame: Facts and Logic about the Middle East

One Jerusalem Defending the Jewish right to live in its own capital city.

Jewish Exponent This is Philadelphia's leading Jewish weekly newspaper.

The Jewish Press "The Largest Anglo-Jewish weekly newspaper in America". Indeed it is.

Jewish Indianapolis One of the best Jewish papers in the midwest.

Deep South Jewish Voice The only Jewish weekly in Mississipi and Alabama.

Canadian Jewish News Canada's leading Jewish newspaper.

New Jersey Jewish News NJ's leading Jewish weekly.

Jewish Renaissance Media

The Jewish Week New York's main Jewish newspaper.

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix Arizona's main Jewish newspaper.

Baltimore Jewish Times

The Jewish Journal Los Angeles' leading Jewish community weekly.

Intermountain Jewish News Denver, Colorado's Jewish newspaper.

Chicago Jewish News

Jewish News Weekly of Northern California Formerly the Jewish Bulletin. It's published in San Francisco.

Jewish Journal North of Boston Published bi-weekly since 1976.

Mark Steyn

News Interactive (Australia)

Judaica Press

Drudge Report Matt Drudge's website gets a lot of interesting news scoops ahead of everyone else.

News With Views Where reality shatters illusion.

Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Founded by the family of the legendary actor who played the Man of Steel in the movies.

Yiddish Radio Project This is something like a museum site for Yiddish language radio from years ago, though I think that they're also trying out new projects here in said language as well.


Israel Insider

New York Sun There used to be a newspaper like this one many years ago in the Big Apple. Then there came a new one, and a very good one, with excellent and thoughtful coverage to it too.

History News Network

The Washington Times A newspaper that's far, far better than the Washington Post.

Kabbala Online

The Boston Herald

James Bowman

Front Page Magazine

The New Criterion

Western Standard Leading Canadian opinion magazine.

ZionNet Zionists around the globe.

Focus on Jerusalem

International Policy Center for Counter-Terrorism

The Jewish Network


Foreign Policy Research Institute Studying overseas policies everywhere.

TES (Jewish Software) Largest distributor of Jewish, Hebrew language and Bible software.

Hugh Hewitt

The Free Republic Outspoken forum for world affairs.

David Wyman Institute

American Center for Democracy Center for the study of corruption and the rule of law.

Pennsylvanian in Exile

Neal Boortz

The Radio Equalizer - Brian Maloney

The Galvin Opinion

The American Thinker

Human Events

Pat Campbell

Adam Yoshida

Tammy Bruce

Regime Change Iran Fighting to bring democracy to one of the mideast's most oppressed countries.

Israpundit The Israeli media watchdog weblog.

My Right Word

Shiloh Musings

Smooth Stone Defending Israel's right to exist.

Cosmic X

Jihad Watch Keeping an eye on the dangers of Islamic holy war.

Palestinian Media Watch Monitoring the PLO's media outlets, which are all controlled by its own dictators.

Letter from Israel David Frankfurter's journal weblog.

The Hedgehog Blog Political and social observations from two aspiring hedgehogs who love the Isiah Berlin's essay.


Campus Watch Monitoring middle eastern studies on college and university campuses in America, including Columbia University in New York, which is now becoming one of the most biased campuses around.

Blogs of War Fighting to defend the world against terrorism.

Bowling For Truth This site was specially founded for examining Michael Moore's phony documentary, Bowling for Columbine.

Camera.Org This is a very good site on media studies.

Honest Reporting Another very good site on media studies.

For Israel, and Justice


Instapundit Prominent weblog of Glenn Reynolds.

The Inqusitr

Blogs Against Hilary

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

Watching America This website offers a look at what the world thinks of the US in example, and even some of what goes on in other countries around the world.

The Smoke Room

Power Line Blog

Oh, that Liberal Media Keeping track of the liberal end of the media's worst biases, agendas, distortions and erroneous reporting in the mainstream media.

Gateway Pundit

Pirate Ballerina

Discriminations.US Another media watchdog weblog.

One America News Network

Gotta Stop Hilary

Media Research Center The leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing mainstream media biases.

Newsbusters There's a media bias, ruining your day. There's a bad report, being published out there. Who you gonna call? Newsbusters!

Arthur Chrenkoff

Eurabian Times

The Jawa Report

OpiniPundit Navigating the way through the shallow waters.

Second Draft Exposing media falsehoods. They've also got a section called "Pallywood" which exposes many of the media fabrications and other atrocities that the PLO has been involved in.

Ice Viking

No-Pasaran! Observations from France.

Eye on Europe

Discover the Network A guide to the political left.

Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite Dedicated to discrediting one of the worst anti-American advocates, Noam Chomsky, and his followers.

House of Dumb



The Fourth Rail This is the weblog of Bill Roggio, one of the contributors to Front Page Magazine and a former soldier during Operation Desert Storm, who writes about politics, history, and the war on terror, and also Justin Blackburn, who's a computer software consultant and a former US Navy official.

The Middle Ground Freedom fighting weblog.

Acharit Ha'Yamim Disambiguation for the fun of it.

The Palmieri Report

Mediacrity Digging deep into the underside of journalism.

Blackfive A military weblog.

Real Clear Politics

One Big Swede Blog

The Dread Pundit Bluto

Gideon's Blog Best thing since the trumpet.

HCS and Gen's Pad

Hidden Nook Citizen by day, blogger by night.

The Belmont Club

Dr. Sanity

Iraq the Model

Middle East Info Gathering info on what goes on in the mideast.

Common Sense and Wonder

Ace of Spades

Truth be Told Commentary from a thinking individual.

Sobering Thoughts

Cathouse Chat

Fjordman A very astute blogger from Norway.

Alpha Patriot Observations of a reformed liberal.

Wizbang! Explosively unique. Sparkling too.

Legal Insurrection

Postwatch Monitoring the Washington Post.

NBA Fantastic basketball action!

NHL Action on the ice!

JewishSports.Com The place for Jewish-based sports events!

The Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Located in Suffolk County, New York.

Philadelphia Jewish Sports Hall of Fame The city of brotherly love's Jewish sports center.

CoEd Jewish Sports For men and women both.

International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Worldwide!

Women's Sports Foundation Representing the best of the female competition.

Wizbang Sports The ultimate blog for sporting events!

Nasa News

The Sports Network Taking sports to the next level with comprehensive coverage of sports news, stats, odds & scores.

CSTV: College Sports TV Where to tune in for college and university based sporting events.

All Sports Everything from NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, and so on.

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