My Best Moments in Comics

I've had plenty of good times in reading since my childhood, and here's where you'll find some examples of the coolest stuff I've enjoyed reading since then till now.

The Flash #230 Vol 1.

Albert Desmond, alias Mr. Element/Dr. Alchemy, is on the loose again in the latter guise, and the Scarlet Speedster's gotta reach him and put a stop to his latest chaos! Plus, Green Lantern's run into a strange situation involving a man from the 19th century who's making off with a valuble museum exhibition on the west coast! Read all about it in here!

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The Flash #257 Vol 1.

The Golden Glider, alias Lisa Snart, Barry Allen's only - but very effectively written - female adversary, the sister of Captain Cold/Len Snart, threatens the lives of his wife and parents, and to make matters worse, she's figured out that he's really the Flash! Check out all of what's going on all in here!

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The Flash #305 Vol 1.

Remember when Iris West Allen was kidnapped into the far future by Professor Zoom back in 1975? While it's not Eobard Thawne who pulls the job that takes place here in this issue on first Flash Jay Garrick's Earth-2, another villain, just as dangerous, does just that with Joan Williams Garrick, Jay's wife! And it's up to Barry Allen, the second Flash, to help him rescue her from where she's being held, just like Jay helped to rescue Iris from Zoom the last time around. Read all about in here!

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The Flash #19 Vol 2.

Barry Allen's gone, and some of the Rogues Gallery has retired (or gone part time in crime) for the time being, and now, they're having a reunion in New York City to celebrate Captain Cold as the guest of honor, along with even a few other former villians who weren't regular foes of Barry, such as Doctor T.O. Morrow and the Gentleman Ghost! And wouldn't you know it, even Wally West and then girlfriend Connie Noleski, a model from west Texas, join the party after being more or less invited by the former Trickster! Get in on all the fun over here!

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Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #124

Doctor Octopus is up to no good again, stealing some tools and other materials with which to build a nuclear reactor that could easily threaten the safety of New York City, and Spider-Man's got to search for him and stop him! A very fun single issue this was, and a pretty good face-off with one of the most popular members of Spidey's rogues gallery. Read all about what goes on in here!

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Avengers #270

Several of the EMH have returned from a time warp-like dimension in which they were battling Kang the Conqueror, and now, they've got to deal with demonstrations being conducted against prince Namor, alias the Sub-Mariner, during the time he had reformed after spending some time as a crook. The public of New York and elsewhere is divided between the pros and the cons, and behind the scenes, a bunch of shady legal reps are planning a lawsuit against Namor in order to defame him even more, and to try and swing the public opinion further against him! Not only that, but Moonstone, at the time she was a crook, is trying to incite against Namor as well, by telling lies to the crowd protesting against him too! What'll be the outcome? Read more to know what goes on!

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Fantastic Four #56 Vol 3 (back to 1 since 2002)

Ben "The Thing" Grimm, when he was a youngster, had been a member, and, for a short time, a leader of the Yancy Street Gang, until they kicked him out when he moved out of the neighborhood when he'd moved in with his uncle Jake, following the deaths of his parents. To qualify as a leader though, he'd stolen a necklace from the local hardware manager, and now, about a decade later (we're talking comic book terms, of course), he's come to reconcile with the guy, and to help him figure out who's behind some blackmailing schemes that have been plaguing him in the past weeks. But it's not the Yancy Street Gang that's behind it, it's a villain called Powderkeg who is, and he's certainly as dangerous as his name implies! Read all about this wonderful stand-alone story to know some very wonderful things about dear Ben Grimm's background that were certainly possible when he first appeared, but weren't made clear until this story here!

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