My Worst Moments in Comics

Some things I've read in the yesteryear were truly awful (which could probably account for my tendency to review largely the good stuff as often as possible), and here is a rundown of some of the worst items I've read, so you'll know what's best to avoid.

Flash Annual #6 Vol 2.

Haven't we seen this all before? Of course we have, and this dingy, derivative connection to the equally dingy, derivative Bloodlines crossover, merely an excuse to wallow in senseless bloodletting and introduce a whole bunch of forgettable would-be crimefighters (here, it's Argus), was just one of a couple of ghastly and artistically bankrupt entries in one of the worst crossovers of the 1990's, enough to justify a cease in publication of all crossovers for good. Read more to know just how bad this is, and keep in mind that the gem parts here (namely, Linda Park West) are very few.

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X-Men: Eve of Destruction

You think it wasn't bad enough that the Morrison/Austen era of 2001-2004 was as limp and pretentious as it was, even this story arc that preceded it was simply horrendous and insulting. Magneto, written more to resemble how he was portrayed in the overrated movie of 2000 (and by extension the sequel from 2003), threatens the world with destruction and death, and it's up to our heroes from the X-Men, in this case a bunch of clowns cobbled together by Jean Grey, written so vacuously she comes off as a virtual zombie, to stop the Master of Magnetism's latest menace. Unfortunately, they were unable to do the same regarding the editorial stranglehold on the books, nor Scott Lobdell's botch job in the writing department. Read on to see just how lumpy this one is overall.

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The Adventures of Superman #597

Another crossover, namely, Joker's Last Laugh, and another flub, this time involving Lex Luthor. Joker, having escaped from Arkham Asylum for the umpteenth time, goes on a spree of "Jokerizing" various other villains in the DCU by turning them into grinning nutcases themselves, including president Luthor, who then tries to initiate nuclear warfare, and little more than just laughless hijinks ensue here as the DC superhero community, Superman included, goes through the motions trying contain all the chaos. In fact, the way it was handled here reminded me of the abortive Superman 4: The Quest for Peace from 1987 at the movie theaters, and I shouldn't have to point out that to mimic a movie as pointless as that is erroneous at best. Read on to see just how bad it all gets here.

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New X-Men #114-116

I'll never really figure out how some things of this sort turn out to be as overrated as they are. But that's pretty much the case here with what Grant Morrison did with the X-Men during 2001-2004, turning it into a crude, bloody, and potty humor pastiche, replete with subliminal messaging to poor effect, that was by far one of the crudest abuses of Marvel's already long abused franchise. And if that's not bad enough, Emma Frost was touted during this run in a pretty unappealing way. It all led me to realize why she simply isn't as well written a character as Marvel and the establishment would like us to think. Read on to know how lowbrow this can be, with its penchant for sensationalistic violence and crudelence.

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The Flash: Blood Will Run

There may have once been a time when I could stomach the work of Geoff Johns. Not anymore, and when I look at this particular story today, I find it one of the most grimy, disgusting, slovenly excuses for a script to litter the DCU in quite some time. A murderous cult that worships the Flash (no joke) executes almost all people Wally West ever helped during his career, and to make matters worse, Frances Kane/Magenta, Wally's one time girlfriend who developed magnetic powers and went insane is among the cultists. And the Weather Wizard figures into what follows, but not in a very good way. Read on to find out why I consider this one of the ugliest atrocities ever to be forced upon the Scarlet Speedster.

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