The Pauperette and the Princess, Switched at Birth

Nozomi in the Sun (1971)
based on the manga by Keisuke Fujikawa and Mayumi Suzuki

December 1, 2020

By Avi Green

As one of the earliest manga-to-anime tales using the entertainment industry as a backdrop, this was a very charming story. It tells of two girls switched at birth by a vengeful nurse in a hospital, who grow up aspiring to work in music.

The primary focus is Nozomi Kouda, who grows up with the poor Mine family, who's practicing as a guitar player, and Miki Mine, who grows up with the wealthier Kouda family, and is practicing with the piano. Both meet in high school and their lives intertwine, as they work with the same music teacher and try to attain their goals towards success. And Nozomi finds herself falling for a young boxer, though there's roadbumps along the way.

Nozomi is lucky she's got the backing of the family she's grown up with, however poor they are by comparison to Miki's, and gradually makes her way to stardom. By the end, the nurse, who'd caused trouble behind the scenes initially, and who's the sister of an agent for the Koudas, decides to go public and let know what she'd done those 17 years prior at the hospital, which in the end, only unites the two families, whatever their differences.

I think this is a very entertaining story of a girl making her way pursuing her dreams of stardom in music, and it holds up very well since the time it was first made. If you've ever wanted to see how well a drama like this works out, you should. It's good stuff.

Copyright 2020 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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