Taking the time to cross dimensions

November 22, 2014

Excalibur: Cross-Time Caper Book 1 TPB
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Alan Davis

By Avi Green

Picking up from where the second trade’s storylines left off, Captain Britain and company from Excalibur find themselves transported by accident into different parallel worlds, some of which look medival, some futuristic, but still have plenty of modern resources to offer. That explains why this is called “Cross-time”. And quite an amazing, tongue-in-cheek journey it is, in the best Monty Python tradition possible!

The first world Excalibur ends up in is a medival fairy-tale kingdom where Kitty Pryde meets a prince who develops a crush on her, but is engaged to another princess. And to prove the amusing “anachronisms”, when this prince first appears riding a horse, he’s listening to a radio with earphones while wearing wraparound sunglasses!

The next world they arrive in features a shipload of doppelgangers of the 616 dimension’s own superheroes, though the first person they meet is a duplicate of their world’s own Rick Jones! Speaking of which, we even meet a clone of the Hulk who’s something of a cry-baby, and this dimension is being menaced by its own variant on Galactus! Plenty of funny moments involving numerous doppelgangers running around, including one of Daredevil who's got his leg in a cast.

And, as all these dimension-hopping capers are going on, Technet is scheming back on 616 Earth, plotting against Excalibur while trying to exploit James Braddock, Captain Britain’s mentally schizoid brother, who has some powers of his own, mutant or not. It all makes for a pretty fun romp around an infinity of worlds and plenty of possibilities, and is some of the best this series had to offer in its first half of a decade-long run, including some nods to notable anime series of the time. I say it’s well worth reading.

Copyright 2014 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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