Back in the Saddle with the Buddies

November 3, 2004

By Avi Green

Flash #210: Reconnected
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Howard Porter

Wally West got in touch with just about everyone he knows in the DC superhero community to let them know who the Flash really is, and now, his childhood Nightwing/Dick Grayson pays a visit with him to Keystone City, where they find that Penguin is trying to move in on the local underworld, and to take a look at the Flash Museum, running into none other than Gorilla Grodd, whom Nightwing fought just recently with the Outsiders.

This was a pretty good buddy issue, with Flash and Nightwing catching up on their friendship, and a most interesting scientific “Flash Fact” I learned here, was how the Scarlet Speedster’s got to avoid running into a bird’s beak, just like an airplane pilot’s got to be careful not to get his cockpit window shattered by one while flying in the sky.

The fight involving both Double-Down and Girder, whom Penguin wanted to hire as part of his attempt to move in on Keystone’s underworld, was pretty good too, with Nightwing getting to perform the really cool finishing move on Girder, and Johns does seem to know how to deal with Nightwing as a character, which is certainly more than can be said about Devin Grayson over in Nightwing’s own solo book.

Flash #211: Animal House
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Howard Porter

Flash and Nightwing find themselves up against Grodd, who’s out to destroy Flash and the museum where he cleverly hid himself as well. And while that’s going on, Heatwave is up to something way at the other end of town.

Nice to see that the two childhood superhero friends were able to fight back their adversary as well as they did, without being afraid of him either, of course. The idea that Wally had here for laying on the smackdown to Grodd was simply awesome.

As far as Heatwave is concerned, is he returning to crime, after a decade of having reformed? Well, it’s possible, though, as indicated in this issue, he and the former Trickster, James Jesse, and the Pied Piper are apparently going after some of the Flash Rogues who’re newer to the DCU. It's interesting, and the exact turnout will be told about in another few months when “Rogue Wars” comes into focus in storytelling.

2010 update: as of this writing, I no longer stand by this review. I have since changed my opinion and written this off as garbage, as explained over here.

Copyright 2004 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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