Dangerously delightful

Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection TPB
Writers: J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell
Artist: J. Scott Campbell

June 24, 2007

By Avi Green

Those looking for good fun these days should take a look at J. Scott Campbell’s miniseries of Danger Girl, one of the best books featuring sexual humor and big breasts you can find that introduced to the world the beauty of Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage.

Abbey the adventuress is recruited to be part of a female troubleshooting team called Danger Girl, managed by an aging James Bond-like spy that’s even got its own teen computer whiz complete with freckles to help them out on the technical stuff. And, for a boyfriend for at least one of these girls, there’s Johnny Baracuda, an Italian-American spy who’s quite the ladies man. Their assignment: to stop a modern-day neo-nazi underground gang that’s bent on world domination. At the same time, there’s a spy in their midst who’s planning to foil their efforts to put a stop to the menace.

Reading this, it was one of the most delightfully funny adventures starring babes in action I’ve read, with both Abbey and Sydney proving to be some of the hottest women in comics, and by far Campbell’s best concept that provides him with the perfect place in which to draw the sexiest ladies. Some people say that his style, great as it is (and part of the “good girl art” trend), is still too wacky for most other major books, but here it works perfectly.

A well recommended book for anyone who likes this kind of adventure with babes as stars.

Copyright 2007 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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