Parting affairs

April 27, 2004

By Avi Green

JLA #90: Perchance…
Writer: Joe Kelly
Penciler: Chriscross
Inker: Tom Nguyen

Wonder Woman and Batman are contemplating their love affair together, and Diana turns to Martian Manhunter to use some of his virtual reality equipment to think it all over. In the end, after having spent some time in the device, she meets with Bruce, and, as much as they do like each other, it’d be better to discontinue the affair that they’d been having to some extent in the past two years.

Overall, this was a pretty nice issue, wrapping up writer Kelly’s run on the book, and it’s pleasing to be able to read something that isn’t overly political for a change. And it was also nice to see darling Diana flash back on her love affair with Bats while chatting with Faith (while Major Disaster passes by with a kindly bit of humor), though it’s a pity that some of it had to be displayed in the dull Obsidian Age story arc, which sadly took up more than a bit of the run in late 2002. But if you can look past that part, ditto the sloppy way that Diana is drawn on the first page, then this issue, to say the least, is a pretty good pleaser.

It’s quite an amazing trip through the land of VR that WW takes, as she chats with Bats about where they stand on all these matters, and some of the encounters that take place along the way, including some parts on Themyscira, and even a very flattering sequence in which Diana finds herself in the role of “Batwoman”, fighting crime alongside the Bat in Gotham City in a very stunning costume. And their moments together are quite warm.

So a pretty good ending to the run of the past year this was, and while it’s a bit of a shame that this affair couldn’t have been as expanded upon and explored as much as I’d like to have seen, I guess it’s for the best that they’ve parted ways in the end, but hopefully, there’ll be more team-based love affairs to come in time.

Copyright 2004 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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