New Powers and Responsibilities

March 20, 2003

Avengers #61: The Powers That Be
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank

By Avi Green

Following the adventure from issues #57-60, the“World Trust” storyline, in which many of the cities on earth got drawn into another dimension via some sinister forces, the Avengers have now been recognized as an official world power, sort of like a security-firm version of the UN, and that’s something I’d take over the UN any day.

The story here opens with the Avengers Mansion being turned into an embassy, and both the EMH and their friends are happy. Naturally, there are those on the other hand who dislike the new position held by the Earth’s Mightiest Heros, and efforts are made to try and place an insider amongst them.

I must say, this is quite an interesting development for the Avengers, now receiving the ability to extend their efforts to defend the world to other countries at ease, without having to worry too much about interference from other world powers, even though these very powers will try to make things difficult for them as already mentioned, one of the most interesting parts of this story. The political intrigue that plays a part in the story is a very interesting part that I’m interested in seeing how it goes in future issues.

Meanwhile, let’s turn to some of the other interplays between the regular characters in this issue…

One of the things I was pleased to discover was that Scarlet Witch and Vision’s relations with each other that were shattered in the past years are starting to show some signs of mending. Their marriage in the years gone by was a very touching “beauty and the beast”-like relation, which Ultron had actually been trying manipulate but little did he realize that they really did indeed love each other so much back then. She-Hulk and Warbird mention how once years ago it was hard to see them apart, now it’s hard to see them together, but happily, it looks like once again, they’re able to relate to each other as they did once before. Vision goes to speak with Wanda, telling her that “When you inquired about myself, I meant to say – when you are feeling better…I feel better.”
Which puts a warm and joyous smile on that lucious face of hers. It was a very touching scene.

We also get an amusing scene with Prince Namor, alias the Sub-Mariner, the ruler of Atlantis, who’s been invited to join the Avengers in fully developing their influences, but as impressed as he is with the invitation, he declines the offer, as do also Black Panther and Thor, the latter who’s got kingly duties to attend on Asgard, as was written last year in his own book.

All in all, this looks to be interesting new direction for the EMH in the coming issues, and it’s a real shame that, as of this writing, Geoff Johns has signed an exclusive contract with DC, so while he’ll certainly have some good books to work with when there, his tenure with Marvel will be coming to a close in another year.

Until then, I can expect some charming adventures with the Avengers to be in store, so let us all sit back for now and enjoy what Johns has in store for us.

Copyright 2003 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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