Greg Land and other amazing similarities in character facial expressions and angles

November 3, 2004

By Avi Green

Does anyone ever pay attention to some similarities in character design and such?

Well, I took a look at some of Greg Land's resume, and it's amazing as to how he uses the character facial angles and expressions on more than just one character! Three examples are Birds of Prey with Black Canary, then Arwyn in Sojourn, and then at least one cover for Tomb Raider with Lara Croft!

I looked at the facial designs for all three examples, and I saw that the girls all have very amazingly similar facial expressions plus angles on them!

Isn't that amazing? Do a lot of artists try to do things like that, drawing similar designs for many characters, whether or not its part of the good girl art style? I don't know for sure, but Greg Land, from what I can tell, seems to be the most noticable in his drawings.

How are these possible? To say the least, what an artist does is to look upon say, the picture of a supermodel as a template for their cutie characters, and this is what can help serve as a template for many of the facial features they'll draw.

And so, thanks to that, you can then find almost, if not quite, the same looking features in many of the artist's other works as well. It may be used quite a bit often, but, it can still work wonders as a whole, and it's perfect for many of these sexy babes.

If there's anything this certainly tells me, it's that, if your local museum hires you to supervise an art exhibition, make sure to set up a section that's specially for showing the amazing similarities in character design like what I've pointed out in this topic!

Copyright 2004 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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