A trio of Poems

July 20, 2009

By Avi Green

Here are three poems I once wrote in 2005 for the fun of it.

City Lights and Cold in January

By shimmering light at 5 o’ clock,
We see the sun set in the distance.
Short is the day in a winter of Zion,
When the leaves turn from green to yellow with season’s change.

You find it an early time for bleakness and cold,
To come upon your city’s fold,
Whence there had been a warm summertime,
There cometh now snow and rain divine.

T’will get better, time will come,
That warmth will comeback,
And leave winter none.
The days are short, but in months will grow,
And warmth will come again, thou shalt know.

Super Psylocke

Betsy Braddock, girl of the Atom grown,
X-Woman worked and won, you have known.
How does she ply her trade, you might ask?
Woman’s intuition, a simple task.

Can deliver a kick and a judo throw,
Throwing bad men over her shoulder,
Can emit a telepathic wave, with grace and style,
To save the innocents from the grip of evil,
And make people happy she can,
While as for the baddies, they get all the willies,
And turn in their tracks and ran.

She’s smitten with Archangel, the love of her life,
And the only one who really should be,
When he’s around, her heart will melt,
But when it comes to fighting, he’ll build her strength,
Filling her with maiden’s might.

She’ll continue her fight against evil forever,
Doing whatever she can to prevent it,
Just like her brother, Captain Britain and Brian he be,
And will remain a beauteous babe grand.

Summer Stays in Bloom

When flowers be bright,
They are with might,
And cannot be downed by anything bad,
So are the wonders of summer galore,
And ditto the trees with grandeur.

You cannot deny that the heat of the summer
Can have its upside, to look at with pride,
Since coldness galore can be bummer.

Sit on a hilltop and look onward straight
As the wonders of summer
Can find you a mate,
And can be great experience for you to find.

Don’t let the heat get you down
But even so, find water to drink,
And the summer will be yours to enjoy.

I once posted these on the old Geocities webspace I'd first practiced webmastering upon. But now, Geocities is about to close, come October 26, 2009. Yahoo has decided to end the service after about 12 years of its being, because it's no longer drawing the audience it used to. One could argue that it's because of increasing competition from other hosting services that offer more space, but I'd say it's because the bandwidth they were offering was letting people down. Depending on how much MBs you'd access from their servers, it'd go offline for at least an hour afterwards before becoming available again. And I think that may have been what discouraged people from building a website on their servers.

If you were one of those who once built a site on Geocities, I recommend you check at Free Webhosts to see what the next best deal is on free hosting. And who knows, you just might find a good offer that provides even more, and better bandwidth too. Until then, I'll admit that I'm going to miss Geocities, because there were some things to find there on comics and such, many of which I'll now be forced to take down from lists of external links in the fansite section. What I hope, if anything, is that the webmasters of these sites will save their material and upload them to different servers instead where they can continue to facinate many people to come who're interested in comic book history.

Copyright 2009 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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