The Kind of Meals that Could've been Seen in Comics, but Likely Weren't

June 27, 2023

by Avi Green

When it comes to mainstream, there's only so many food recipes from real life that could've been featured in superhero comics at times when it really mattered. And sadly, they weren't, because the writers and editors just wouldn't think about the creative potential, and chose instead to adhere to political correctness. Well anyway, here's a few recipes from around the world that could've been seen in mainstream, but surely never were till now.

Armenian harassi – this is chicken porridge made with wheat.

Israeli cholent – it's a mixture of eggs and vegetables, often cooked over Shabbat weekend.

French toast – made with peach melba, this can make quite an excellent breakfast.

Mexican chilaquiles – a traditional breakfast meal made primarily with tortilla bread, it can have vegetables added to it, making for some of the best way to spend the morning.

Kenyan nyama choma – this is a dish made with roasted meat, which can include roast beef, goat, lamb, or even fish for the ingredients.

Hungarian cottage cheese doughnuts – a perfect idea for preparing dairy desserts.

Portuguese broa – a form of bread made with yellow cornmeal.

Romanian cabbage rolls – a great way to prepare salad, even if this can take a few hours to work on.

Thailand red curry kobocha squash – salad that can be very filling.

And this is all stuff that's likely never been emphasized in mainstream comics, if at all, just to show how they're not really “inclusive”. And at this point, even if they did seemingly emphasize such meals, it's already long too late. Political correctness has long overtaken artistic merit at the Big Two, in example.

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