When Superheroes aren't looking for trouble, trouble is looking for them!

June 27, 2004

By Avi Green

For some crimefighters, even a vacation can be a lot of hard work.

Cases in point: During 1971, shortly before the groundbreaking commentary on the problem of drug addiciton in society, Amazing Spider-Man had Peter Parker taking a trip to London in hopes of meeting Gwen Stacy, who was staying there in an apartment owned by the Stacy family, but his search was interrupted when a gang of mafia thugs struck in the city, forcing him to change into his Spidey costume, and dealing with crimefighting all the way over in London. Because of this, he decided to go back to New York without even having met with Gwen in London, because he worried that she could put two and two together and figure out that he was really Spider-Man. Luckily, she returned to NYC herself a few issues afterwards, and they were reunited for the next two years, until that tragic incident that marks one of the saddest times for Spidey in Marvel history.

In the early 1980's, Tony Stark was taking a cruise at sea with the droolingly sexy Bethany Cabe, when along comes Justin Hammer in a giant submarine to abduct seafarers as hostages, Bethany included, and Tony's got to suit up as Iron Man to rescue both her and the other hostages from Hammer and his gang, which includes another crook in a metallic suit, Arsenal. Finally, he reaches the sub, and rescues everybody, but Hammer, cunning fiend he is, gets away again.

Then, in the late 1990's in Birds of Prey's early issues, Dinah Lance is vacationing in Minnesota at Lake Macachitahoo, little knowing that the Kobra terrorist organization is planning to look for a Russkie sattelite with time devices inside, with the no longer-partners in crime Ravens there to work the signal, and two Kobra spies, who recognize her as the Black Canary, burst into her cabin to try and shoot her, but, cool and fearless as always, she outwits them, and she's so skilled that she can best two crooks or more at the same time. Then, she heads out to the lake to look for the rest, and bests the Ravens, who, along with a couple of other Kobra terrorists, take a wrong turn at the crossroads in their stunned state and end up stranded in the past, and then, when Cheshire figured out how to return to the present correctly, she abandoned her two cohorts, Vicious and Pistolera, in the past, and when they managed to return as well, they swore revenge on her, ending their partnership.

But there are also those who can still find rest and relaxation when on vacation. In 2001, Scott Summers/Cyclops was on a camping trip with his father in the mountains of upstate New York, in an issue of X-Men, where they were trying to sort out their lives together. And, while it was the premise of the issue, this was still one very noteworthy time when a superhero found time to rest between the action scenes.

Like I said, for some crimefighters, even a vacation can be something to keep their hands full, and on their toes. Not to worry though, they're used to it, and after they've finished investigating the case, they will be able at last to rest. And some can even find the time to relax within the instant.

Copyright 2004 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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