The eleventh anniversary of this site

May 26, 2013

By Avi Green

Itís not often I update this site today, having become far more a blogger than a sitebuilder, though I try to. And much as I was thinking at one point of writing up something for the site the other year because it was 10 then since Iíd first built it, I never got the chance and forgot about it.

But no matter. Iíll still try and work on something for the 11th, if it helps.

I can say that plenty of stuff has come my way over the past year. Iíve been seeing a lady, and have enjoyed my lunches/dinners with her. Iíve also been trying to give attention to my nephews and nieces. Iíd sure like to play a game of Monopoly or Pay Day with them, and maybe even Yahtzee.

Iíd also at one point weaned myself off of most computer games for the more facinating pastime of watching old TV serials. I even managed to view all 5 seasons and 3 reunion TV films of the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno rendition of the Incredible Hulk, and can say that they were very good. A shame it didnít get more time to run, or that the network wouldnít let them film a complete 5th season. But, they did it well.

I am planning to try and build another small website, this time one thatíll be dedicated to an automobile. I hope I can pull it off well.

And, Iím also delighted to say I parted ways with some trade paperbacks I once owned compiling comics written by Geoff Johns, having concluded that they were simply not what I once thought they were, even if they were from early in his undeserved career. The same goes for a couple of comics that were written by Greg Rucka.

I do have some other ideas in store for what I can write for this site, and hope I can eventually get them done. Theyíll still need some time. But I do have faith in myself  to work it all out.

Copyright 2013 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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