Whatís to Come on this Dear Site

May 10, 2004

By Avi Green

Itís been a little over two years now since I set up this website of mine, first on Geocities, and now here, on which to write some of my own essays and such on comics, and even other stuff if I can think of it. So now, the question is, whatíll I be doing now, as I strive to further the content and concepts of it?

Well, good question at that. Iíve already put together a few sections for the special features department Iíve got, such as the silly costumes, character names, and inserted the commentary on cancelled series as part of the section. And in time, Iíll be adding some examples of my best and worst moments in comics to the lot.

I also want to get some good pictures for all of this, and itís a lucky thing that for now, Iíve got my home scanner working properly again, since it was blowing on me before, so that now, I can scan some things from some of my back issues for everything here.

Thereíll also be a few other things, such as an item or two that I was unable to get published on another website Iíd been on because of difficulties, and now, Iíll simply have them posted here, on my very own site, for your consideration and pleasure in reading.

And oh boy, have I got some plans in store for quotes, quotes, and more quotes, from around the comics industry and such, in the special features section in time.

And everythingíll be done with simple navigation links everywhere on the site. I don't intend to make this an overly complex bells and whistles site. Iíll do my best to be an efficient one-man operation with all of this. Discovering how to webmaster, to say the least, was even easier than I wouldíve thought, and once over that kind of a hurdle, things really got going for me!

So stay tuned, folks, and in time, thereíll be some really great stuff on this website for your enjoyment. Have a happy summertime, one and all.

Copyright 2004 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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