Well, it was a great Passover allright

May 2, 2003

By Avi Green

Okay, I must say, I really enjoyed last monthís Passover. Yeah, as usual, no bread in sight anywhere, but who cares when I took the time to read!

Oh yeah, thatís exactly what I did allright, and there was plenty in that case to do. I also got to see my brother-in-law and my sister, who came into town for the week. I also went down to the Israel Museum during that week.

Not everything there was as great as Iíd hoped though. The library in the Ruth Youth Wing of the museum was closed. I hope itís only for renovations, because there were some good things that I liked to read in that particular library.

There was a restaurant in there once thatís now closed as well, but Iím not going to worry about that one, because it was so darned expensive!

And, during the holidays, I got a chance to attend a dicount sale being held by a comics distributor in the Tel-Aviv area, getting myself several more back issues of Flash comics that are now in my proud ownership, and, best of all, a TPB of Birds of Preyís first adventures. Now, I can really get a chance to catch up on the adventures of Dinah Lance, the lovely daughter of the first Black Canary, and of the first Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, who now goes by the codename Oracle. For me, that was a great prize.

Free Comic Book Day over here?

While Iím at it, I discover that here too in Israel, thereíll be a Free Comic Book Day, just like in North America. But, will it be mostly the same stuff thatís being offered for free in the US too?

Not surprisingly, Marvel as usual chooses to make their free giveaway a copy of Ultimate X-Men, when Iíd rather get a copy of the Fantastic Four for free. Whereas for DC, theyíre giving out a free copy of Batman Adventures, one of those animated series tie-ins.

Personally, I canít help but feel that these giveaways are either too easy or just too biased. The good news though, is that if we were to refer to CrossGen, theyíre giving away a free copy of Way of the Rat.

So if only then I could find more of CrossGen being sold more widely in this country in order to really get the hang of it. Alas, these things arenít so easy. But with any luck, Iíll be able to figure out how to find all their stuff, just like other stuff in time.

And with any luck, Iíll be able to find some really good free puublications of my choice in time too on a day like FCBD.

Copyright 2003 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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