20 Years for this Site

by Avi Green

April 5, 2022

While I've moved it a few times between servers, this is the 20th year into which I've maintained this personal site of mine. And even though I've long become more of a blogger than a site webmaster within all this time, I've made sure to keep this site going and write items on it occasionally, as it can be advantageous to maintain a more actual website for some purposes.

And that's pretty much what I've done all these years. Ever since I'd realized the best way to make a statement is to run my own sites – and I've enjoyed building at least a handful of fansites for several comics characters along the way to boot – I've done my best to retain this particular approach as much as working on blogs.

I think when it comes to a site like this nowadays, history writing can make the best approach, while news analysis could work better on the blogs. But, beginning my internet writing career on this humble site of mine was an excellent idea, and prepared me for what lay ahead.

And I'm glad that all these years, I built up my efforts at writing about comic books, movies, video games and other items of interest. Most importantly, how they were falling prey to political correctness, and perversion. The latter problem was one of the main reasons I got into taking an objective view of how the MSM does their comics coverage, and it's a good thing I did. These are very important issues to consider. DC's Identity Crisis and Marvel's Avengers: Disassembled, along with Spider-Man's Sins Past were some of the main reasons I got into writing about media dishonesty and hypocrisy that virtually allowed these stories to gain undeserved validity going forward for many years. Leaving a whole unhealthy landscape in their wake, which, even in the post-Harvey Weinstein era, is still lurking in the background.

Some may not think such issues are as serious today as they were in the mid-2000s. But when you consider some of the writers are still allowed to get away with their past acts simply because they may be toeing a more social justice/wokeness-influenced line today, that's why these particular issues still matter just as much as what's come down the pike since. Consider: years before, there were quite a few MSM sources that were defending the above examples despite the noxious views of women, and now, they're attacking women's sexuality, along with the idea of men falling in love with women (and vice versa), and now, all of a sudden, they're accusing the fanbases – including those offended by the misogyny-laced comics – of sexism and worse. All this after the MSM refused to call out any of the writers/editors/publishers/artists who'd wallowed in misogynist elements back in the mid-2000s. That's what makes this only so hypocritical.

That's why, as a blogger, I'll keep working on studying media dishonesty and how it hurts famous creations along with their fanbases, while moonbat creators by contrast are otherwise allowed to get away with their grimy antics in many cases. Point: even today, there's still leftists who're allowed to retain a protected class status and aren't shunned by their leftist peers because of reprehensible work they did in the past. That's why the battle against dishonest media must continue.

So here, we're at the 20th anniversary of this website, and while it's not like I update it much these days, I'll try on occasion to keep doing so, even if I have to rehash whatever I'm writing as a blogger these days to get the job done.

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