Kids need Encouragement

March 19, 2002

By Avi Green

Itís really distressing to hear these days about how children in particular donít read comic books. As Iíve heard, few children take interest in one of the best concepts that was started in the past century.

And thatís a shame, because today, comics need childrenís attention more than ever.

Comics have been in a really bad strait in the past decade, the market having collapsed in after collectors started packaging them more carefully, and Marvel had to shoulder some of the blame for the collapse of the distribution system as well.

And in the past years, childrenís reception of comics has gone down considerably, with fewer children picking up and reading them, and even at conventions today, thereís not that much reception. Surprisingly, there is some growing attendance by more female readers, as told once by Gravity Well, but even so, the overall audience has diminished considerably.

But, luckily, things have been picking up fairly well in the past year or two, with the industry making a slow but sure comeback. And DC has made a wise move by starting to advertise their products on ***ís internet websites. Steps are being made in order to draw in the audience again.

But even then, itís not enough. For the industry to thrive once again, itís not only adults whoíre needed, but also children, to read all these great books out there and to gain a following once again for comics. Yes, even children are the ones required to help the industry to thrive.

And thatís why Iíd like to ask anybody here whoís a parent, if youíre a comic book fan, can you encourage even your children to follow in your footsteps as well?

If you ask me, yes, that would help us all out tremendously. And for a child to be encouraged to begin reading comics, they need that encouragement at an early age. And you'd be doing a very good deed as a parent too.

So when you have children, you should make sure to encourage even them to be big readers as well. They do of course need to have books available that are suitable for them, and DCís mainstay books are probably the best choice you can get at the moment, so if and when you have children, please push them to read. Youíll be glad you did.

In the news that's noteworthy

CrossGen, the little company that could, has just launched an interactive website called Comics on the Web. It's a very good site that's made some big headlines, and Hero Realm, comicdom's most outspoken website, has a special project tied with it. All of the best of CrossGen, from Mystic to Sojourn, dating back to 2000 when they first began, can be found there. Most of what's in the archives can be obtained by subscribing for just one dollar in US terms, and the current issues of Ruse and The Path are being offered for free there. Be sure to check it out, it's a classic.

I've been reading Joe Kelly's current run on the JLA , and I think it's very good. It's always so great to sit down with everyone's favorite DC super-team, and to enjoy a great dose of escapism. Don't miss it.

Kurt Busiek's last lap on the Avengers, detailing their battle against the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror seems to be a tad underrated. Personally, I'm enjoying it a lot, even if it's gone on for more than ten issue an arc, and Warbird's characterization was smart and right on. I'm going to miss Busiek, one of the best writers that we've had in the past decade or so and who's come up with some of the best character interaction and dialogue. But never fear folks, because Geoff Johns, who's proven himself the best Flash scribe this past year, is coming aboard, and I eagerly await his run with huge anticipation. I can't wait.

Avi Green, who has every intention of encouraging his children to become big comics readers when he gets them, can be reached at

Copyright 2002 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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