Welcome Home, Lion of Judah

February 12, 2006

By Avi Green

Boy, itís been so long since I ran and updated this personal website of mine. But now, I guess you could say that Iím ready to try it out again. And thatís why, after spending the past couple of months blogging away on the internet, Iím going to give it a shot again.

Well, on occasion anyway. Itís possible that I may not update the site as often as Iíd like to, but I certainly want to try and continue with it now.

Iíd come to realize that this was how I began and, that really, as much as Iíd become busier and busier in the past months, I really couldnít just abandon it at the peak of my efforts. So, I thought to myself, ďtime to try and work on some updates again, in comics and whatnot.Ē

So anyway, Iíve got a few comics related items in store that I hope to add. And even a few other things as well, that could also work well on the blogverse. And even food recipes once in awhile. Hey, why not?

In past months, my sister and her husband also had their first child, and both me and the rest of the family took the time to head on over to their house to see how they and their son, my nephew, were doing. Iím telling you, itís great to be an uncle now, and that certainly was something that was important for focusing on as well. Itís part of family life, something important for us all.

Iím also glad to have done whatever I could to expand my beloved comics collection, and to have attended the comics and sci-fi exhibitions of the autumn last year. New compilations of the Incredible Hulk and Avengers, and even Supergirl, to name but a few of the things Iím proud to own now. Isnít life wonderful?

So for now, Iíd say thisíll do for a new entry with which to restart the website, and for now, let me just wish everyone a good new year in 2006.

So good luck in the future for this website, and many of my other great creations.

Copyright 2006 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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