Scorpions in Sheep's Clothing take the Moral High Ground

January 27, 2022

by Avi Green

Some may surely know all about the ludicrous concept of virtue-signaling, and what I'm about to discuss here, from personal memories and experiences could certainly qualify as such in more ways than one.

2 decades ago, I once knew a left-wing man from Oregon who acted like a know-it-all when it came to subjects like Islamofascism, and was opposed to criticism of the Religion of Peace, no matter how badly he'd end up hurting 9-11 Families for a Safe & Strong America, to name but one community that fell victim to the evils of Islam. He believed anybody who dared say a negative word about Islam was “racist”, and refused to consider that religion is not the same as race. Not even the Judaist religion. But here's where things get really startling.

During 2020, at the time the Coronavirus pandemic had first struck, I was doing some searches online, and wondered about the man, and whether I should contact him to ask if he was willing to reconcile over an ugly spat we had. When all of a sudden, the search results turned up something most astonishing: a profile page on what turned out to be a public records site, and it stated this very man had a criminal record for violent offenses, had once been arrested by authorities in Oregon and served a prison sentence, even if it was only for several months. He may have once been married, but the public record profile here indicated he was divorced.

There were warnings posted on the profile stating the court documents from his arraignment contained graphic content, and while most other profiles on the same site had links to relatives' profiles, the menu for that in the Oregonian man's profile was blank, strongly suggesting he'd hurt his family members badly enough they had to seek legal protection from him. This prompted me to do more searches on additional sites dedicated to providing public/legal records, and his name turned up on 99 percent of those websites too.

I was simply stunned, though maybe I shouldn't be. After all, why must it be shocking that somebody who could commit serious criminal offenses could have lenient positions on serious topics like Islamic terrorism? After running the background checks on this decidedly creepy man, I was glad I didn't try to find out how to contact him for any requests for reconciliation. To do that would only be to validate his corrupt mindset.

And he wasn't the only one like this. There was also a man from west Pennsylvania with similar ideological/political standings, who also turned out to have an arrest record. While his crimes were not as severe, it still told quite a few things about his personality too. Namely, that anybody who could act as an apologist for Islamofascism could be desensitized to violence and such. Why else would they be so horrifically abusive of its opponents? And if that's how they act towards one, who knows what sadistic views they hold against 9-11 Families for a Safe & Strong America? Or towards the Danish Mohammed cartoonists? There was even a "character" from Indiana who appeared to have a criminal record, and maintained similar positions to the other two. Goodness knows how many more.

Another disturbing thing about the men alluded to here is that they condoned a book rife with gender bigotry that made light of sexual assault and rape. That too is certainly telling just how corrupt they were. 2 of the 3 indirectly referenced here both had scraggly-looking beards in their public profile pictures, and looked about as appealing as the motorcycle thugs in Fist of the North Star. Does their sense of how to maintain beards also say anything significant about their personalities?

While I do hope the one who served a prison sentence has voluntarily paid his debt to society and avoided committing violent crimes since, this must serve as a vital lesson why people ignorant of terrorism can be potentially violent themselves, and if it turns out they have criminal/arrest/prison records, that only compounds the concern. That's why it pays these days to be alert to why, if you discover such basket cases filled with moral hypocrisy, they should be called out for the embarrassments they really are by writing about it for everybody to read and form an opinion upon. Only that way will serious problems ever be solved.

Copyright 2022 Avi Green. All rights reserved.

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